Base Construction

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The base construction is the most important part of building out a well constructed project.  It starts with the earth and the native soils that exist on the project site and is built up with the proper quarried, permeable aggregates and compacted strong to withstand years of heavy traffic.  Precision Greens’ base construction systems have stood the test of time and remain unsettled and unchanging more than a decade after their earliest construction.

Feel free to utilize the Base Construction Model PDF’s below:

Grass – Base Construction Model

Golf Green – Base Construction Model

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Wow, what a difference you made to our backyard! Previously, it was a muddy pond that we tried valiantly to correct. My wife spent hours cleaning dog prints off the floor during the rainy seasons. Artificial grass was our final attempt before considering concrete, which wouldn’t make Sully the dog very happy. The difference is night and day, gone is the water; gone is the mud. Instead it’s been replaced with a little golf course! We were particularly impressed by the quality of the workmanship and the speed in which it was completed. We also checked out the competitors and Precision Green was the best value for the money. Thank you, Travis! Our only regret is that we didn’t call you sooner.

Mark, Shelley and Sullivan
BC, Canada