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Calgary Artificial Grass Lawns

Make your neighbours jealous with an ultra-realistic, care-free artificial grass lawn.

Lets face it - You won’t want one of the easiest and best looking lawns on the street.

Prepare to make your neighbours jealous when they’re outside day after day cutting their yellow, weed-filled grass and looking at your perfect lawn. It won’t be very fair to your neighbours if you do a fraction of the maintenance while they are slaving away in the hot sun.

If they happen to ask you about your amazing lawn - whatever you do - don’t tell them that your maintenance free grass also comes with a 10 year warranty, so you have 10 worry-free years to look forward to.

Also, if your city has water restrictions you can expect complaints that you’ve been watering your lawn because it looks too healthy and perfect. So you might want to consider something other than our care-free, ultra-realistic, pet friendly artificial grasses.

Only the Best Quality Calgary Artificial Grasses

Using the innovative WaveBlade technology™, Precision Greens’ has created one of the most realistic, highly durable artificial grasses available in today’s market.
Cascade Elite Artificial Grass

You might not want to know this, since you’re not going to want our grasses; but we’ve spent years creating the absolute best line-up of artificial grass products. Our artificial grasses have been custom manufactured to closely mimic the local grass aesthetics of Calgary using extremely durable polyurethane and nylon fabrics. If you’re a family that enjoys playing sports in your back yard or have a furry friend or two, our artificial grasses can withstand any punishment you can give it.

If you’re thinking artificial grass is “artificial” so it couldn’t possibly look very real - you’d be wrong. Our artificial grasses are designed with a realistic two-toned blade and lower thatch carefully chosen to make your lawn appear as authentic as possible. The reason this artificial grass appears so realistic is through the imperfect appearance of the beige thatch (which is not noticeable unless you separate the blades) and the two individual grass blade green tones.

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WaveBlade Closeup WaveBlade Technology™ Logo

WaveBlade Technology™ takes artificial grass to a whole new level.

Our custom manufactured WaveBlade Technology™ takes artificial grasses to an entirely new level through an imperfect wave-style artificial grass blade. This revolutionary new blade style will make your lawn appear impressively close to non-artificial lawns through a wave like structure that spans the entire length of the grass blade. In addition to appearing remarkably close to non-artificial grasses, the structure of the WaveBlade™ also significantly increases the durability and longevity of the grass. If you’re someone who wants a lawn that will outlast you and always look perfect, the WaveBlade technology™ artificial grass has been designed for you.

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Precision Greens’ Artificial Grasses are approved by Calgary’s Furriest of friends

Precision Greens' artificial grasses are loved by Calgary's furriest of friends!

All of our artificial grasses have been tried and tested by our furriest consumers - and they all love it! Pet urine will drain through the grass while faeces sits high on the fibres and can be easily hosed off. Each artificial grass has been manufactured with our stain prevention technology so you won’t have to worry about urine stains on your grass. If your furry friend likes to dig holes to hide your valuable slippers, don’t worry; our artificial grass is virtually indestructible making it a perfect choice for even the largest pets! Without yellow stains and muddy paws, you’ll have more time for love with your favourite furry friends!

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  • Barbecue Safe and Non Flammable
  • Designed with UV Fade Protection
  • Tested and Proven Environmentally Safe
  • Canadian Weather Protected For Heat, Snow and Ice
A collage of artificial grasses installed by Precision Greens in Calgary
  • Barbecue Safe and Non Flammable
  • Designed with UV Fade Protection
  • Tested and Proven Environmentally Safe
  • Canadian Weather Protected For Heat, Snow and Ice

Calgary's favourite Artificial Grass Installer

We’re one of the few remaining Canadian owned and operated artificial grass companies.
Precision Greens - Canadian Owned & Operated since 1999

Precision Greens has been Canadian owned and operated since 1999 making it one of the few remaining artificial grass companies still under Canadian ownership. Founded in Langley, BC by two friends with a passion for golf, Precision Greens quickly became a household name. Fast-forward 16 years and Precision Greens has become a Canadian leader in artificial grass having their own distinct line-up of grasses designed to match Calgary lawn aesthetics. With over 17 successful years in business, Precision Greens has installed over 1100 commercial and residential golf green projects as well as over 3000 artificial grass lawns. Each project completed by Precision Greens is a reflection of the perfection and expectations Precision Greens’ has as a company. With over 1000 happy customers and counting, Precision Greens looks forward to every new opportunity and takes immense pride improving the lives of their customers with their care-free artificial grasses and backyard putting greens.

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Our new artificial grass looks amazing!
Thanks guys!
Linda Tremblay
Calgary, AB

Getting artificial grass in Calgary has never been easier!

Our simple & informative process makes getting your new lawn easier than ever!
  1. Consultation

    We’ll teach you everything you need to know about artificial grass and how we can turn your boring back yard into an entertainment destination

    If you don’t know a lot about artificial grass, don’t worry - during our consultation phase we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. After you submit our request an estimate form one of our representatives will contact you to schedule an on-site consultation. During the on-site consultation we will show you samples of all of our artificial grasses as well as recommend our choice of grass that will work best with your lifestyle. Different grasses will work better aesthetically with different landscapes and architectures (modern, rustic, etc.). Depending upon your project, some grasses will also offer a better performance such as our putting green installation. During the consultation phase we will also educate you on the entire installation process and any additional improvements we can recommend.

  2. Installation

    We’ll only use the best installers and the top materials to make your back yard into the vacation area you’ve always wanted!

    This is the most exciting stage of your project - where you’ll get your own artificial grass installed by the industries best professionals. We only hire career professionals to do your installation and don’t rely on summer staff looking for short-term work; because of this, we’re able to provide the highest quality of workmanship and offer a 3 year workmanship warranty. Attention to detail is extremely importance to us and we only use the highest quality products. During this phase we will excavate your installation area and start with the base construction using engineered permeable aggregates. To guarantee your grass lasts as long as possible we will compact the base construction area to a density almost as hard as concrete while still allowing water to percolate through. Once the base construction is completed we will strategically place the grass down and seam it all together, finishing with a fibre in-fill. Our installation process will greatly improve the lifespan of your artificial grass and give you the perfect area for entertainment.

  3. Cleanup

    Your grass is done! Everything looks great, you’re happy and it’s time to put the final touches on your awesome new entertainment area!

    Once the installation has been completed our team will thoroughly clean and touch up your new artificial grass area. Any materials left over, including your old sod, will be safely removed. During this phase, if you have a putting green area, we’ll also install your new cups and flags. If you have pets, we’ll cover your new artificial grass in our non-toxic, bio-degradable turf deodorizers to keep it fresh and smelling great! Finally, the most important step - you’ll need to try out your grass and tell us how happy you are!

Precision Greens' is my new favorite company!
Our new artificial grass lawn looks so good!
Michael Abbot
Calgary, AB

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