Cascades Casino Gambles on Artificial Turf

Posted: January 4, 2012
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Although it is common place for commercial establishments like casinos and strip malls to fashion artificial turf in the US, it has not yet become common place in Metro Vancouver. Cascades Casino decided to take a chance. The median outside their hotel and casino was a gray, unattractive, strip of pea gravel bound together with two curbs and decorated with periodic paving stones for functional decoration.

Precision Greens removed these items, except for the curbs of course, and filled the median in with a specially formulated aggregate material that hardens almost to the density of cement but allows water to perculate through at 27″ per square yard per hour. This brought the height up and took away the height of the curb which was always a tripping hazard. We then surfaced the median with Marquee Pro from our Pro Series line. This created a clean, usable space that accents the outside of the building and brings a greenspace in close to the building.

Note: All Precision Greens employees resisted the urge to gamble during the making of this project!