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Coastal Pro Coastal Pro Icon Ultra Durable Grass with a
comfortable & soft touch

Coastal Pro 8 Year Warranty

Give your yard the gift of perfection.
After many years of painstaking
research and product design, Precision
Greens has now released one of the
most realistic, soft and durable artificial
grasses ever made: Coastal Pro. Designed with
Precision Greens’ very own S-Blade™ technology, Coastal
Pro has protection baked in to each fiber. Precision Greens’ S-Blade™
technology consists of an “S”-like blade structure that offers all of the benefits of
other shaped yarns - and more. These benefits include UV-reflecting abilities that keep it
up to 10º Cooler, increased durability and no sheen or glare that is typically seen from similar
monofilament yarns. The Coastal Pro’s S-blade™ structure also makes it even softer than any other shaped yarns - this makes the Coastal
Pro one of our customers most requested artificial grasses.

Coastal Pro is a perfect grass for all applications and is built to withstand heavy foot traffic. That makes Coastal Pro a great option for
residential, commercial and city projects. The polyurethane backing secures the grass fibres in place and significantly reduces lost and
broken fibres. This makes the Coastal Pro perfect for side sidewalks, medians and even high intensity sports arenas!

Become the talk of the town with Precision Greens’ Coastal Pro artificial grass. You’ll finally be able to spend more time enjoying your yard
and less time maintaining it!

Coastal Pro - Closeup Image

Coastal Pro's S-Blade™ fibres are ultra soft and durable!

It feels like real local grass!

If you’ve been looking for a grass that is nearly indistinguishable from natural grass, Coastal Pro has been designed for you! When compared side-by-side to a natural grass lawn, the Coastal Pro is almost always chosen as the favourite! Coastal Pro has two-toned olive and forest green fibres along with a dry yellow and fern green thatch that give it a natural, warm and inviting aesthetic that closely matches Canadian grasses. It is guaranteed to turn heads and be one of your top three artificial grass choices.

  • Barbecue Safe and Non Flammable
  • Designed with UV Fade Protection
  • Tested and Proven Environmentally Safe
  • Canadian Weather Protected For Heat, Snow and Ice
Cascade Elite Examples
  • Barbecue Safe and Non Flammable
  • Designed with UV Fade Protection
  • Tested and Proven Environmentally Safe
  • Canadian Weather Protected For Heat, Snow and Ice

Specifications: Coastal Pro

Olive Green Forest Green
Thatch Colour:
Dry Yellow Fern Green
Polythylene S-Shape™
Monofiliment w/ Thatch
Machine Gauge:
Pile Height:
Face Weight:
87 oz / sq yd

Product Spec Sheet

Every you need to know in one sheet!

Download Product Spec Sheet
Coastal Pro is so soft!
The dogs spend all day laying on it
Jason Gourche
Vancouver, BC

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