Dog Runs

Posted: April 27, 2010
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Dog Runs are quite possibly the most well used application for our synthetic landscape grasses. The grass is a perfect complement to your furry friend. They cannot damage it, their pee does not stain it and it does not allow for muddy paws. And it has the added benefits of awesome drainage and being maintenance-free.

It’s a good feeling when the owners of the dog play areas look at you with total satisfaction and elation now that there is a place for their pet to play without the worry of damaged lawn or muddy paws.

Upon request I can give you a recommendation from all of our pet owning customers complimented by a backing from Vancouver’s own “See Spot Run!! Canine Services”.

Precision Greens can also customize puppy pee areas for balconies and patios. A little green space is nice even if you are on the 10th floor!