Finally, I got my own Golf Green!!!

Posted: November 21, 2013
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The day has come my friends.  After the design and construction of well over 400 backyard golf greens, my Wife and I found a spot for a green of our very own!  Its a four hole masterpiece with a ton of slope (too much in many peoples opinions. lol) It is equipped with a shelf attached to the shed for important things like resting your cell phone, wallet or beverage.  So far no cell phones or wallets have rested upon it.

I finally can give right honest feedback of how one might feel about a golf green months after installation.  In some semi-structured way I will try and ramble through some of the things I love about my golf green:

1. I love sneaking out onto the back patio with my 5 gallon pale of golf balls and working on my chipping/pitching.  My short game has some serious demons right now and I find it relaxing to turn on my little ipod dock and listen to some blues music while I shank a few off the rhododendron.  Goes well with a cup of tea or glass of red.

2. Love the look of it from my kitchen window.

3. Love having the guys over for a putting contest.  We have an 8 hole “championship golf course” mapped out and the pursuit of the ‘course record’ is always the modus operandi.  Not to brag but -5 held by yours truly will not be easy to beat. lol. Of course, the course record only counts when one or more of the guys are there to attest!

4. Working on my putting stroke.  It is meditative and contemplative and is a nice escape from the wheels constantly turning.  It is exciting when I see the effort translated to the golf course.

5. The hands down, no contest greatest benefit to having a golf green is when it is commandeered by my daughters of 4 years and 1 year.  It is a dry, firm surface for all sorts of amazing things like bikes, balls, barbies, tea parties, learning to stand, learning to walk, learning to putt (they are not as interested in this as I hoped), playing tag, wrestling (they are more interested in this then I hoped), water fights, nap time, cars, picnics and everything else they could choose to do 10 feet off the green while Daddy hits some putts! lol

The Putting Green Playground

The Putting Green Playground

It is so much fun playing on the green with my family, and most of the time its without golf clubs.  Shaun, my business partner and friend of 20 years, has a 1200 square foot green in his backyard in Langley and his is modified into a race track for bikes and trikes when our daughters come over to play.  Perhaps we are marketing these things all wrong?!

I will continue to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of golf green ownership and continue to report back.  No weaknesses so far! hahaha

Scott, Precision Greens