Frequently Asked Golf Green Questions

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How does a Precision Greens Synthetic Turf Putting Green perform compared to a real bent grass green?

They are truly amazing.  PGA Tour Professional and Teaching Pro’s alike are all adding golf greens to their homes and teaching centers because the performance is so realistic.  Nylon Golf Greens check, react and roll flawlessly from within 50 feet.  There is no better technology for the average suburban backyard.  Sand-filled Golf Greens hold shots from 200+ yards and accept the spin of a golf ball precisely like the real deal.

Why shouldn’t I install a real bent grass putting green?

Any golf course superintendent will tell you that it takes a significant amount of effort, time and money to construct and maintain a natural bent grass putting green.  Precision Greens have replaced dozens of attempts at the real thing. They are just too difficult to maintain.

How much does a short game green cost?

You can estimate a price of $15 to $20 per square foot for full supply and installation including everything right up to the cups and pins. If the area has been excavated already or it is new construction, you may be able to save $2+/- per square foot on excavation costs’. Generally speaking, the larger the Green the lower the price per square foot.

Are there any contour limitations?

No. The base preparation is the key to achieving contouring that is both realistic and challenging. PG have decades of experience and we are still learning new things in respect to contouring on every project we install.  It is a delicate balance to marry the surrounding environment, the shape of the green and the cup locations with the contouring of each green.  Experience in this aspect of the installation is crucial.  Precision Greens have installed well over 300 golf greens and, as I said before, we are still learning.

How does water drain off the green?

Precision Greens have designed their putting surfaces to rely on surface drainage (water runs off).  We carefully contour the golf green to allow for an even dispersion of water.  The surrounding fringe and/or rough are completely permeable and the water will drain through this surface immediately.  Our grasses drain at 27″ of rainfall per square yard per hour (fast!).  The water is then controlled by the drainage system which usually allows the water to percolate back into the earth beneath it.  Additional drainage measure are sometimes necessary and will be determined upon a site visit from PG.  Your Precision Greens Golf Green will be nearly bone dry 20 minutes after a hard rainfall.

How durable is a Precision Greens Golf Green?

We have yet to see any of the elements do serious damage to our products.  Precision Greens has a product warranty of 8 years against UV Fade and Pile Height Degradation, which is backed by our raw material dealers (who are the best in the world).

Will a Precision Green wear out?

We expect a Precision Greens Golf Green to last 20-25 years.  Our oldest installations still perform beautifully and PG has never had to replace or repair a defect due to poor workmanship on one of our own projects (we have repaired a few of our competitors installations however. lol)

Precision Greens offers a unique “Customer Care” division which will gladly come by every year or two for an inspection and thorough cleaning of the fibers to get your installation looking new at any time.

Can a Precision Green be installed indoors?

Yes. There are generally a few ways to go about this and with each method we use there are challenges that we meet but the end result is a beautiful, custom made indoor golf green.  Indoor golf greens generally run $20-$22 per square foot fully installed.

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Can a sand trap be placed next to a Precision Green?

Yes. There are two things to think about before implementing the sand trap into your golf green design. One, you must allow for 8-10′ of “splash” from the sand as it blasts out of the bunker with each shot.  If you build your trap right next to the green you will be continually cleaning sand off of your green.  Some people do design them right next to the green for the look it presents as it is a beautiful focal point.

The second thing to think about is that often these sand traps can be used as litter boxes for neighborhood cats.

Personally, I love the look of a sand trap in the design but the function is limited as it is a potential maintenance issue and leaves your neighbors windows susceptible to poor bunker play. lol

What makes Precision Greens Different?

Precision Greens has been the leaders in the synthetic grass industry for decades.  We have earned the trust of Western Canadas most established Landscape Architects, Developers, Home Builders, Landscapers and Designers and we did it through quality installations every single time.

Our front yard has recently undergone a huge transformation from an unfinished construction phase to a manicured lawn. The work was completed by Precision Greens.  My first contact was with Paul, who from the start, demonstrated honesty and integrity in our on-site meetings.  Emails were promptly answered.  We were given several completed job sites to view so that we were able to make the best choice for our property.  There was never any pressure, just direct answers to all our questions.  Paul even communicated with our contractor giving him direction as how to prepare the ground for the installation.

We decided to move forward even though the work would be done in December.  The crew worked tirelessly in pouring rain under tarps, as the grass had to be kept dry to do a proper install.  The men were all professional, polite and worked diligently each day from early in the morning until dark.  There was interaction with the foreman; we exchanged ideas and in the end, right choices were made thanks to his expertise. At the end of each day the work area was left clean.  The very last day work was completed at 6:30 P.M., again under a tarp with night lights.

We are immensely enjoying our garden as are many passersby and neighbours!  We highly recommend Precision Greens without hesitation for their high quality product, and their prompt and efficient installation of it.  We have hired many construction trades in the past, and this group stands out as exceptional.

Elaine and David MacKenzie
BC, Canada