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Maple Ridge Artificial Grass Lawns

Own your own Maple Ridge artificial grass lawn, and enjoy practically no yard maintenance, ever!

If you think you knew artificial grass, think again. Precision Greens has been an industry leader for over 17 years and has accomplished more than 1100 golf green installations and over 3000 artificial grass installations. Precision Greens specializes in providing unique, quality products, while delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

These innovative artificial grasses are designed for both golf and home enthusiasts. With a wide selection, we have the perfect fit for any preference. Treat your lawn a rich and healthy look, without all the headaches of constant maintenance.

Isn’t it time you had a lawn you got to enjoy, rather than one you always need to work on?

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8 Year Warranty Maple Ridge Artificial Grass Lawns
  • Barbecue Safe and Non Flammable
  • Designed with UV Fade Protection
  • Tested and Proven Environmentally Safe
  • Canadian Weather Protected For Heat, Snow and Ice
  • Barbecue Safe and Non Flammable
  • Designed with UV Fade Protection
  • Tested and Proven Environmentally Safe
  • Canadian Weather Protected For Heat, Snow and Ice

Here is how we can give you the best yard in Maple Ridge.

From ultra realistic to minimal maintenance; your new Banff artificial grass lawn will be the talk of the town!

Variety: All of our grasses have a unique style added to them. Ranging from something more casual and common, to ultra-realistic and detailed, you are guaranteed to find the perfect grass for your lifestyle.

Realistic: What gives the grass that picture perfect look is the Wave Blade and U-Shape technology. Capturing the essence of non-artificial grass blades, the shape, texture, even colour, leaves you with an incredibly realistic product.

Design: Both strong and durable, it’s able to endure the worst of Canadian weather and keep its healthy rich look all year round. Even includes a UV protection, which makes it so even relentless sun won’t ruin the look of your lawn.

Safe: Rest assured our products are safe, for you, your children, and any pets to enjoy. Both tested and proven environmentally friendly, the material is non-flammable. So any backyard barbecues, can go on in the hottest of weather, with no concerns.

Comfort and Ease: You will have no problem enjoying the fact there will never be any labour intensive work to do. While your neighbours work endlessly to achieve the same look, you can sit back and enjoy your new found free time.

Easy maintenance: The structure and design of the grass also allows for water to easily drain through it, while other debris sits high on the fibres for easy removal. Even pet waste is made simple and easy to remove. To clean the grass, wash it with water from a hose and return your yard to that fresh and healthy look.

Reassurance: It doesn’t stop there, we offer a 10 year product warranty and a 3 year workmanship warranty, to leave you worry free and ready to enjoy that new lawn.

The grass is spectacular and the kids love our new backyard! I can't believe it looks so real!
Chloe Evans
Maple Ridge, BC

Why Choose Precision Greens? Why Precision Greens should be Your Choice for your own Maple Ridge Artificial Grass Lawns

  • Experience with over 3000 artificial grass and over 1100 golf green installations
  • Only the highest quality artificial grass products available
  • Grass Colours Identical to the Maple Ridge area
  • Canadian Owned and Operated since 1999
  • We pride ourselves on our exceptional workmanship
  • We have an extremely friendly staff
  • Maple Ridge's top choice for artificial grass installations

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