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Is there potential for significant Profit?

The era of windmills and clowns has come and gone. We who remember those days have now graduated to the challenge of natural and realistic golf environments. Precision Greens takes great pride in the design element of our work as this is what will bring you repeat business and profits beyond your imagination. Although it is the management of a business that ultimately determines its success, a poorly designed miniature golf course will leave customers unsatisfied with your product and hesitant to come play again.

Tell me more about the element of design.

Precision Greens gathers its inspiration from championship golf courses all around the world and the way they are laid out. It must have all of the realistic characteristics of the full length courses you play on Sunday afternoon. Strategy off the tee through the to the hole is crucial, putting the customers’ imagination, creativity and skill at a premium. Implementing rough, water and sand trap hazards in specific locations, does just this. With the implementation of thought out contouring your miniature golf course will be a challenge for every customer while avoiding unnecessary aggravation from unfair topography.

The designer of todays miniature golf courses must thouroughly consider all of these factors along with hole length and general difficulty as to promote efficient play, resulting in a higher turnover of customers.

Target market? Everyone!

The game of golf is enjoyed today by both our youth and octogenarians. It is the Tiger Woods era, in which children and adults both male and female are being introduced to this great game. The retirement of our baby boomers is also a significant factor in the revenues of this industry. It is a great place for children to bond with parents, for first dates, company tournaments, etc. The list goes on. If your community has men and women both young and old, then you have a perfect environment for miniature golf.

Be one with your surroundings

It is important that your customer feels as though they are in there own world out there. There are a few elements aside from the layout and topography of the course alone that help to achieve this; landscaping, water (streams, waterfalls or ponds) and elevation change.

The landscaping in the modern miniature golf course is very natural. This means low maintenance aesthetics like rock, trees, bark mulch and wood. Water features provide a beautiful atmosphere to your surroundings and brings energy to your customer. When designed correctly bringing water into play on a few of the holes ads a unique element that the world of miniature golf has not seen much of. Elevation changes are a fantastic way to give your customers space out on the course. Implementing elevation changes is an inexpensive cost that gives the designers the chance to be even more creative and enhance the overall appearance of your facility.

Get more than you pay for

Precision Greens takes great pride in our work. During construction of your facility, if our team feels it necessary to improve on certain aspects of the course, it will NOT come out of your pocket. The final estimate that you are presented with is exactly what you’ll pay. There will be no added charges or hidden will get more than you paid for!

The serious business of miniature golf

Owners of miniature golf courses all over North America are experiencing great success. With the proper management and focus on the product, the revenue possibilities are incredible.

To find out more about how Precision Greens’ grasses can enhance your miniature golf, call us today.

Thanks for a great job. We are really impressed with the quality of the work, attention to detail, punctuality, the personable demeanour of all involved and fairness in both pricing and the little extras. You made this an enjoyable experience from start to finish. I did have a few putts last night. A little rusty but not too bad. Always sounds good when the ball hits the bottom of the cup.

Frank Chaid
BC, Canada