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Tee Line Turf The perfect tee line turf that saves you money

We know how costly the maintenance can be in high traffic areas on a golf course.

Mowing, aerating, seeding, watering and fertilizing certainly do add up. A synthetic tee line from Precision Greens is a one-time investment with virtually zero maintenance costs’. The area in which the tee line is installed will always remain beautifully green and remain a durable feature for decades. It is the realistic nature of the product that gathers so much interest. The Tee Line Turf is being installed at first class facilities all over North America and the World. Unlike traditional range mats, the golfer can insert a real tee into the product and swing away as to simulate his swings from a tee box on the golf course. Also, the shaft does not take the stress at impact as delivered with traditional range mats as the iron or wood will flow through the dense fibers simulating the feeling of taking a real divot.

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