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How Fake Turf Can Impact Your Life – The Benefits of a Fake Lawn

With Precision Greens, Fake Grass Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

Let’s jump right in and talk about how your new fake turf can transform your yard, make your neighbours jealous and improve your quality of life all-round. After years of creating new manufacturing processes and tweaking designs, fake lawn looks so similar to natural grass that you wouldn’t even know the difference if your neighbour has it. Your fake lawn would look so perfect and lush all year that your neighbours would probably get a little jealous – I mean, they put a lot of time into improving their lawn and they never see you out there working on yours.

Fake turf has many, many benefits that can improve the lives of a wide range of people. Whether you’re tired of all the mundane yard work, want to let your pets have fun without the mess or looking to improve your health by eliminating allergies caused by your current grass, fake turf is the solution.

Why choose Precision Greens’ fake lawn?

  • When you have a fake lawn installed, you reduce the amount of allergens on your property.
  • Fake lawns are maintenance-free!
  • Fake turf is completely hypoallergenic.
  • Our free, no-obligation estimates allow you to learn the costs before purchasing your fake lawn.
  • Fake turf is a one-time purchase that can last decades and save you time.
  • Fake lawns are pet and family-safe. With our fake turf the mud stays outside and clothes stay grass stain-free.

What it Takes to Install Fake Grass

Our Low-Maintenance Fake Grass Will Outlast a Real Lawn

You might be thinking “Don’t you just roll out fake turf and call it a day?”; let me tell you – we wish it were that easy. If your fake turf is installed by an experienced professional then the fake lawn can last over 30 years, while ones installed poorly are lucky to last 5. The installation process includes a variety of other costs and materials beyond just the fake turf cost. You have your base materials to create the foundation for your fake lawn, an optional underlay to offer more padding and safety, an infill to keep the fibers standing straight, fake turf spikes, seams and adhesive to secure your fake turf in place and the fake lawn deodorizer to keep your lawn fresh.

But wait, we haven’t even covered the worst part – the installation includes a lot of back-breaking work. Before the work even begins you need to excavate any existing sod from the fake lawn installation and have it thrown out. Once your sod has been removed, base materials need to be installed and compacted down to a near cement that still allows drainage. Once that is done, the underlay still needs to be installed, the fake turf needs to be cut and secured, the infill needs to be spread on and the fake lawn still needs to be brushed and perfected. It’s a lot of hard work to install a perfect fake lawn, but once it’s finished, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy an exceptionally lush, vibrant and carefree yard for years to come!

Why Our Fake Lawn is the Superior Choice – About Precision Greens Fake Turf

Buy a Fake Turf Lawn and Spend More Time Enjoying Your Yard

So you want to buy a fake lawn but what exactly are you paying for? Instead of leaving you in the dark, let’s make this process as easy as possible. Precision Greens’ fake lawn can help improve your life in numerous ways and it can last over 30 years. A one-time purchase can give your life back hundreds of hours – and we all know time is precious – and limited.

As leaders in the fake lawn industry and with over 3000 happy customers in Vancouver, Precision Greens is the benchmark for high quality fake turf across Canada. Our fake turf products guarantee customers are given the most durable and long-lasting fake lawn available. With these complex fake turf products comes research and development, manufacturing costs and more.

How We Decide Our Fake Grass Prices and How Much Does a Fake Lawn Cost

The Experts at Precision Greens Can Help You Find the Perfect Fake Lawn

You’ve started thinking about transforming your property from a constant chore into a free space where you can finally start enjoying your life. Although fake turf installation can be a pricey short-term option for the average family, you’ll find that when you weigh the benefits of owning a fake lawn, the decision quickly becomes a smart long-term solution. Understanding the costs involved in installing our grass, fake turf, doesn’t need to be difficult. Transparency is key to trust – so why would anyone hide behind convoluted fake turf prices?

Most businesses in the fake lawn industry are still working off of the fake turf cost per square foot model. At Precisions Greens, we have found this model typically does not work towards the customer’s benefit and can result in hidden costs or overcharging. While the average fake lawn installation cost in the industry ranges between $10 and $20 per square foot, Precisions Greens’ price per project will give you the best price for your value – guaranteed. By quoting on each individual job, we’ve eliminated any chance of running into issues resulting from unexpected obstacles and delays. This type of quoting has allowed Precision Greens to stay extremely competitive in pricing and workmanship within the fake lawn industry.

What do we do differently?

  • Our fake grass and fake turf products are unmatched in workmanship.
  • With our experienced and passionate team, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your new fake lawn.
  • Fake lawn prices are on a per project basis.
  • We offer free, no-obligation estimates.

Fill out the form below and the experts at Precision Greens can help you find the perfect fake lawn.

Don’t take our word for it! See what our clients are saying about their experience with artificial grass, fencing & courts by Precision Greens.


  • We had Precision Greens build a putting green in our back garden. We are very happy with the end result. Shaun and Scott are very pleasant young men, and very professional.

    – Jean W.

  • You have created for me a golf practice area far greater than I anticipated and only a step away from my door.

    – Bob M.

  • What a difference you made to our backyard! It was a muddy pond that we tried valiantly to correct. My wife spent hours cleaning dog prints off the floor during the rainy seasons.

    – Mark & Shelley S.

  • Oh my goodness, the dogs LOVE the grass (and we do too!) Lucy (the little black dog) doesn’t ever want to come back inside now (gotta tempt her with treats!)

    – Natalia E.

  • I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful yard I now have. Adam and Josh were such a delight to work with and I will without hesitation request them again.

    – Marie H.

  • Precision Greens has delivered a realistic and attractive practice environment that is not breaking down under heavy daily traffic.

    – Rob H.

  • The end result is we are the recipients of one of the finest putting surfaces that can be purchased.

    – Ron A.

  • The yard looks fantastic and I would like to again thank Shaun for a job well done…We are stunned at the quality of your team’s work and the time frame the job was done in.

    – Adrian Z.

  • I love what the guys did with my back lawn. I enjoy watching the faces of my friends and family when they first see it, puzzle over it and then tentatively go out and touch it.

    – Robert W.

  • We are really impressed with the quality of the work, attention to detail, punctuality, the personable demeanour of all involved and fairness in both pricing and the little extras.

    – Frank C.

  • I am very proud of my 825 yard pitch and putt course, and the quality of the putting greens…One year after the course was completed, it continues to play excellent.

    – W.P.J. McCarthy and Company LTD

  • I know Precision Greens would be an exceptional choice when choosing an artificial grass installer. I am impressed with the durability and performance of the field. I would not hesitate to recommend Precision Greens.

    – Robert Bosa

  • Thank you for a comprehensive job well done. The response by the residents to both the boulevard and the putting green have all been positive. The overall look adds a touch of class.

    – Leo

  • We are immensely enjoying our garden as are many passersby! We have hired many construction trades in the past, and this group stands out as exceptional.

    – Elaine & David M.

  • I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful yard I now have. Thank you for an excellent team, a brilliant installation and an excellent product.

    – Marie H.

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