Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Every yard is unique, and that is reflected in our pricing. We offer a customized worry-free installation experience, and the cost is dependent on a wide variety of factors. If you would like to have us take a look at your yard and provide a quotation, please give us a call or fill out our “Request an Estimate” form.

Can the product adapt to my existing topography?

Yes. No matter what contours and undulations exist on your property now, Landscape Grasses can adapt. Its flexible backing and heavy infill system shadows the existing landscape flawlessly. Precision Greens can also adjust the contours of the project site to meet your needs.

Is drainage a concern?

Our synthetic turf products drain at a rate of 28″ of rainfall per square yard per hour on a properly constructed base. This equates to flawless drainage in BC’s heaviest rainfall. As well, the product is designed to allow the water to drain straight down and back into the earth. With artificial grass you will not see any run-off from surface drainage.

Our base construction system consists’ of a minimum of 4″ of a specialized permeable aggregate that is designed to allow water to drain through but attain certified compaction rates. Precision Greens will pay special attention to existing site factors to see if additional drainage measures need to be taken. Pro tip: do not install artificial turf on a sand base.

Precision Greens has constructed well over 2000 bases for their over 3000 installations and are confident in their base construction system.

Can UV rays damage the product? Is there a Warranty?

Precision Greens has the industries best warranty on product and workmanship. PG gives an 8 year UV Fade Warranty that protects against fading and discoloration due to UV light. The products (and warranty) were originally designed for climates such as Nevada and Southern California due to their extreme heat and lack of water to properly irrigate. B.C.’s climate is quite mild in comparison so you should not expect your products to ever fade. Precision Greens has been installing for over 15 years and have not witnessed fading or discoloration. The life expectancy of these products is 20 plus years.

PG also offers a 2 year base construction and workmanship warranty. If constructed by PG your base is guaranteed not to settle for a minimum of 2 years. If your base does not settle in this two year period then chances are that it is not going to. If your base does settle we will come repair it free of charge. Precision Greens replaced 4 projects in our second year of business because we copied a base construction model from Southern California (as many installers in BC do today) which didn’t anticipate our excessive rainfall. Since rectifying our base construction model we have not had to replace or fix a single one of our over 3000 installations! Pro Tip: Don’t let your installer suggest using sand!! The warranty also protects you against any faulty seams, poor cuts and general quality assurances.

Take a look at our official company Warranty

Will the product wear out from usage?

Although the grasses never wear out, traffic patterns may appear from usage. Make sure you purchase the correct grass for your traffic requirements.

Pro Tip: Be weary of “No In-Fill” gimmicks. It is designed to save the supplier/installer time and money on materials and labor. The product will be loose and light, the fibers will not be protected and will wear from lateral foot movement and the fibers will lean over easily as they are not supported by the in-fill.

Can your landscape grasses be installed indoors, on patios, rooftops and around pools?
Yes. These installations can be much more cost effective as often there is no base prep involved.

What about debris?

Debris from surrounding trees, grass and plant life can easily be removed with a stiff bristled push broom, rake or leaf blower. Precision Greens also has initiated a Customer Care division which can have a customer care tech come by to Power Broom your synthetic turf annually or semi annually to have it looking brand new at any time!

Why go with synthetic grass for your lawn?

Synthetic grass, done right, can give you back your beautiful lawn without the hassle. No watering, no mowing, no fading, no fertilizing, no chemicals, no pet damage, no pests, no allergies and no muddy paw prints….and a lower overall cost too! Put simply, an artificial lawn is an easy solution that saves you money and time as a homeowner or business owner.

What makes Precision Greens different?

Precision Greens has been the leaders in the synthetic grass industry for more than 15 years. We have earned the trust of Western Canada’s most established Landscape Architects, Developers, Home Builders, Landscapers and Designers and we did it through quality installations every single time.

Because this is a common question that can take some time to properly answer, we have documented a few of the reasons that Precision Greens brings the best value to the home owner and/or client looking to install artificial grass.

Precision Greens are the Difference Makers.

Is it pet (especially dog) friendly?

Precision Greens’ Grasses have been tried, tested and proven by Vancouver’s furriest consumers. Doggy Daycares, Kennels and Residences all agree on this fool proof solution to pet wear and tear.

Pee drains through, doo-doo sits high on the fibers and can be picked clean, any residue can be hosed down, pee does not stain and the turf is virtually indestructible.

With no yellow spots or muddy paws there is more time for Love with Precision Greens Pet Friendly Artificial Grasses.

Feel free to download our informative Pet Systems PDF here!

There are several companies selling artificial turf. Why should I choose Precision Greens?

A superior line of products, coupled with professional service second to none, makes Precision Greens the only choice for your home or business synthetic grass needs. There are various newcomers in the artificial lawn market but few that can offer the level of quality product and service that Precision Greens provides. If you are considering a lesser product, please be certain that you are dealing with a reputable firm that performs their own installations and is insured and bonded. Avoid the pain of a synthetic grass lawn that do not last. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

What about those companies that want to put the exact same turf used on athletic fields in my yard?

Have you ever watched a game on television being played on an artificial turf field and wondered what that “dust” was that went flying up when a player landed on it. That is the infill of rubber and sand. From far away, those turf fields on TV look like regular green grass fields. However, up close, these turf fields are a “sea of black rubber” with only the very top of the green blades showing through. This is done for functional purposes as the athletic turf fields require a high level of cushion which is accomplished by a turf with less blades and more infill. For your residence or business, however, you don’t want or need a sparse artificial lawn with a significant amount of black rubber showing. Precision Greens, therefore, in addition to its line of athletic field turf, has designed an entire line of turf specifically for residential and commercial purposes which provides all the comfort and stability you need while at the same time providing an aesthetically superior grass. So, be cautious of those companies that are proposing to install the same exact field turf used on athletic fields at your residence or business.

What about my kids playing on Precision Greens?

Kids love their Precision Greens synthetic lawn and you will too! Precision Greens is softer and safer than real grass and kids have loads of fun playing on it. Parents love the “no more stained pants and scraped knees”. Precision Greens’s Playground turf combines the Precision Greens synthetic grass system with TurfCloud padding below the turf that allows critical fall ratings acceptable for school yards, daycare centers and applicable residential settings. Contact Precision Greens today for its long list of showcase Playground synthetic grass installations! Download our Playground Systems PDF for more information!

How long does it last?

We don’t know – Precision Greens artificial grasses haven’t been replaced. Based on historical performance and current testing, a Precision Greens artificial lawn is expected to have a 20-25 year life span. Precision Greens backs its high quality artificial grass with an 8 Year Warranty!

Why doesn’t it fade?

Precision Greens has a built-in UV protection solution that allows it to hold its color even under the most dramatic conditions. Independent studies show that a Precision Greens artificial lawn fades at a rate of less than 1% per year. This means that after fifteen years in direct sunlight, any color change will still be imperceptible to the human eye. This is especially true in British Columbia’s mild climate.

How well does it drain?

The engineering of the Precision Greens synthetic grass coupled with the permeable aggregate sub-base creates a wonderful drainage system for your yard. The backing on Precision Greens’s artificial grass products is permeable for drainage and environmentally friendly at the same time. It also serves as a weed barrier. The sub-base is the other key component of the synthetic grass drainage system as it facilitates the reception of significant amounts of water during heavy rains.

Can it stain?

No. If there is spillage of some sort, it should be hosed off to prevent them from attracting dirt and bugs. Detergents and cleaners won’t harm or discolor the Precision Greens artificial grass products. Even paint can be softened with paint thinner and then rinsed off without impacting the fake grass. How hot does the grass get? Precision Greens Synthetic Grass does not stay as cool as natural grass which has water running through it, but it does not absorb and radiate heat like pavement, rock or brick. Even through summer heat a Precision Greens artificial lawn will remain pleasantly functional.

What about Moles, Rabbits and Bugs?

Precision Greens will eliminate any troubles you have with rabbits and Moles. Rabbits will no longer ruin your lawn, moles cannot come up through the turf and bugs will move away from the synthetic grass! Your new lawn will be safer because you will no longer have a need for pesticides.

What kind of maintenance does it require?

Maintenance on a Precision Greens artificial grass lawn is more a matter of keeping it clean than maintaining and mainly comprises removing organic materials from the surface, typically by using a leaf blower. Rakes may be required for removing heavier objects; however, the leaf blower is the ideal tool for general upkeep. A stiff, natural bristle broom can be used to “fluff” high traffic areas.

How does it affect my property value?

A Precision Greens synthetic grass lawn has proven to increase property values as well as curb appeal. It is the most aesthetically pleasing and realistic looking synthetic turf on the market. As importantly, a Precision Greens artificial lawn lowers water and maintenance costs and eliminates fertilizers, herbicides and mowers. Several of our customers have sold their homes and purchased new ones. They report that their Precision Greens artificial lawns added tremendously to the curb appeal of their home. Potential buyers were very excited about the prospect of purchasing a home with a beautiful lawn that required no maintenance.

How long does it take to install?

An average landscaping area might take 2 to 3 days. Each installation is customized so it is sometimes hard to determine the estimated length of installation without a site visit.

How does a Precision Greens Synthetic Turf Putting Green perform compared to a real bent grass green?

They are truly amazing. PGA Tour Professional and Teaching Pro’s alike are all adding golf greens to their homes and teaching centers because the performance is so realistic. Nylon Golf Greens check, react and roll flawlessly from within 50 feet. There is no better technology for the average suburban backyard. Sand-filled Golf Greens hold shots from 200+ yards and accept the spin of a golf ball precisely like the real deal.

Why shouldn’t I install a real bent grass putting green?

Any golf course superintendent will tell you that it takes a significant amount of effort, time and money to construct and maintain a natural bent grass putting green. Precision Greens have replaced dozens of attempts at the real thing. They are just too difficult to maintain.

How much does a short game green cost?

You can estimate a price of $15 to $20 per square foot for full supply and installation including everything right up to the cups and pins. If the area has been excavated already or it is new construction, you may be able to save $2+/- per square foot on excavation costs’. Generally speaking, the larger the Green the lower the price per square foot.

Are there any contour limitations?

No. The base preparation is the key to achieving contouring that is both realistic and challenging. PG have decades of experience and we are still learning new things in respect to contouring on every project we install. It is a delicate balance to marry the surrounding environment, the shape of the green and the cup locations with the contouring of each green. Experience in this aspect of the installation is crucial. Precision Greens have installed well over 300 golf greens and, as I said before, we are still learning.

How does water drain off the green?

Precision Greens have designed their putting surfaces to rely on surface drainage (water runs off). We carefully contour the golf green to allow for an even dispersion of water. The surrounding fringe and/or rough are completely permeable and the water will drain through this surface immediately. Our grasses drain at 27″ of rainfall per square yard per hour (fast!). The water is then controlled by the drainage system which usually allows the water to percolate back into the earth beneath it. Additional drainage measure are sometimes necessary and will be determined upon a site visit from PG. Your Precision Greens Golf Green will be nearly bone dry 20 minutes after a hard rainfall.

How durable is a Precision Greens Golf Green?

We have yet to see any of the elements do serious damage to our products. Precision Greens has a product warranty of 8 years against UV Fade and Pile Height Degradation, which is backed by our raw material dealers (who are the best in the world).

Will a Precision Green wear out?

We expect a Precision Greens Golf Green to last 20-25 years. Our oldest installations still perform beautifully and PG has never had to replace or repair a defect due to poor workmanship on one of our own projects (we have repaired a few of our competitors installations however. lol)

Precision Greens offers a unique “Customer Care” division which will gladly come by every year or two for an inspection and thorough cleaning of the fibers to get your installation looking new at any time.

Can a Precision Green be installed indoors?

Yes. There are generally a few ways to go about this and with each method we use there are challenges that we meet but the end result is a beautiful, custom made indoor golf green. Indoor golf greens generally run $20-$22 per square foot fully installed.

Can a sand trap be placed next to a Precision Green?

Yes. There are two things to think about before implementing the sand trap into your golf green design. One, you must allow for 8-10′ of “splash” from the sand as it blasts out of the bunker with each shot. If you build your trap right next to the green you will be continually cleaning sand off of your green. Some people do design them right next to the green for the look it presents as it is a beautiful focal point.

The second thing to think about is that often these sand traps can be used as litter boxes for neighborhood cats.

Personally, I love the look of a sand trap in the design but the function is limited as it is a potential maintenance issue and leaves your neighbors windows susceptible to poor bunker play. lol

What makes Precision Greens Different?

Precision Greens has been the leaders in the synthetic grass industry for decades. We have earned the trust of Western Canadas most established Landscape Architects, Developers, Home Builders, Landscapers and Designers and we did it through quality installations every single time.

Don’t take our word for it! See what our clients are saying about their experience with artificial grass, fencing & courts by Precision Greens.


  • I love what the guys did with my back lawn. I enjoy watching the faces of my friends and family when they first see it, puzzle over it and then tentatively go out and touch it.

    – Robert W.

  • We are really impressed with the quality of the work, attention to detail, punctuality, the personable demeanour of all involved and fairness in both pricing and the little extras.

    – Frank C.

  • We had Precision Greens build a putting green in our back garden. We are very happy with the end result. Shaun and Scott are very pleasant young men, and very professional.

    – Jean W.

  • The end result is we are the recipients of one of the finest putting surfaces that can be purchased.

    – Ron A.

  • Precision Greens has delivered a realistic and attractive practice environment that is not breaking down under heavy daily traffic.

    – Rob H.

  • Thank you for a comprehensive job well done. The response by the residents to both the boulevard and the putting green have all been positive. The overall look adds a touch of class.

    – Leo

  • I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful yard I now have. Adam and Josh were such a delight to work with and I will without hesitation request them again.

    – Marie H.

  • You have created for me a golf practice area far greater than I anticipated and only a step away from my door.

    – Bob M.

  • I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful yard I now have. Thank you for an excellent team, a brilliant installation and an excellent product.

    – Marie H.

  • What a difference you made to our backyard! It was a muddy pond that we tried valiantly to correct. My wife spent hours cleaning dog prints off the floor during the rainy seasons.

    – Mark & Shelley S.

  • I know Precision Greens would be an exceptional choice when choosing an artificial grass installer. I am impressed with the durability and performance of the field. I would not hesitate to recommend Precision Greens.

    – Robert Bosa

  • Oh my goodness, the dogs LOVE the grass (and we do too!) Lucy (the little black dog) doesn’t ever want to come back inside now (gotta tempt her with treats!)

    – Natalia E.

  • The yard looks fantastic and I would like to again thank Shaun for a job well done…We are stunned at the quality of your team’s work and the time frame the job was done in.

    – Adrian Z.

  • We are immensely enjoying our garden as are many passersby! We have hired many construction trades in the past, and this group stands out as exceptional.

    – Elaine & David M.

  • I am very proud of my 825 yard pitch and putt course, and the quality of the putting greens…One year after the course was completed, it continues to play excellent.

    – W.P.J. McCarthy and Company LTD

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